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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Don't forget paint the Gnomes

I am please to say that one of the people who follow my Blog has become a good friend. His name is Ashley i mention his name because he said that the story i am going to tell was OK by him.

Ashley look me to see the house he found a little further South from where I live and he truly has found his place in the sun. I will post a link to his Blog as its not my place to tell his story apart from about his water supply.

On Ashley's property has a bore hole and it's 88 meters deep and the previous owner says she has used the water for drinking and cooking for so many years she has forgotten when she first started to use her own water. She also had water supplied by the local council because if there was a power cut she would still have water.

Where the bore hole is it has a concrete to on it to obviously protect it. On top of the concrete top the are four Gnomes who look to be protecting the water supply from thieves.  Sadly they have been on guard for quite some time and need a little bit of painting so Ashley your first job is to get your Gnomes painted and looking like they should be.


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