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Monday, 12 December 2016

It's getting near Christmas

It's getting near Chritsmas and i am trying to get finished lots of bits. Under the roof space i have a vast storage area and today i fitted the door frame a loverly chocolate colour. While doing this i knocked a roof insulation panel out of position so that's to be done when i can get to it.

The door is going to have the type of hinge that you normally find on the doors under your kitchen units. Problem is i don't know how to mount that type of hinge but i know a man who can but he's away in the UK at the moment but when he returns he is going to come round to fit the door for me.

The picture below looks like the panel is not straight but it is it's just the angle of the camera.

You can see the painted part on the right and that's the size of the ceiling from the ceiling below to the floor above. Now from the light brown above the paint to the white line below the brown that's the new space between the lounge and bedroom. This is before i put up the door frame.

This is after i put up the door frame. It's 34cm from ceiling in the lounge to the floor in the bedroom.

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