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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

On my last trip to the UK

I went with a friend to measure up to install a mirror into a swimming pool. The difference being it took nine years to get planning permission for the pool house but that's another story.

Today i received a picture of the install of the  mirror. As the wall is 4 panels high only one panel can be installed at a time.
The black lines on the wall are so that between the panels on glass you can't see the join. This room is about 7 metres wide and over 3 metres high and this is the main feature wall.

Here is the wall on day 2 of the install of the mirrors.

The amount of planning to get this mirrored wall done was huge, i know because i was there for part of it. I am very proud of the person who did this epic job.

Here is another i saw while in Liverpool it's made up of a backing mirror, then a sheet of special glass, then a front sheet of glass. by magic the glass in the middle is cracked to give the effect you can see. When this is put all round the kitchen i went to see it will look stunning.

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