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Thursday, 2 November 2017


I am building a fish tank but not just any fish tank this will be about the biggest private fish tank in Portugal. Because of the weight of the tank and water i need a solid base and this will be about 2 ton. Then i h ave to build walls all the way round high enough so i have a water depth of about three feet.

When i was a teenager i had a number of tanks all small about 10 gallon but big enough for the size of fish i kept.

This tank will be big enough for any size fish not like the small fish I kept in the past. The tank will be 9ft X 6.6ft and 3ft deep.

This was done on the 3rd Nov by 2 local builders. It's something i wanted to do but it would have taken me a week and it had to be completed in one go not over a few days.

The 2 litre bottle is to show how big the fish tank will be.
I will insulate and build the walls myself but first the base has to set and dry.

If you have any ideas what I may put in my tank when it's ready then leave a comment.

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