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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

More preparation being done

Sometimes there seems no point in writing on my Blog when all i have done is preparation work. In the last week 4 apple and 2 pear trees have been planted but as the land is almost as hard as concrete planting 6 trees was not easy but it's done.

The Chestnut door frames are now finished and ready to be fitted tomorrow and again all timber cut by my friendly timber guy Chicco.

My main problem i have found is storage, i have a nice big dry cellar but i need storage in the house. I am going to make a cupboard space under the stairs. I have a floating glass shelf in the bathroom and shelves without brackets in the kitchen. So under the stairs means i must do something out of the ordinary, something to challenge me and again out of Chestnut.

I still need an answer to my shower problem, my water pressure is to low for the unit i wanted to fit and i want something unique to me. For now it's just a shower attachment but as they say Rome wasn't built in a day.

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  1. In line shower pumps are available up to 3.5 bar although the price for the high pressure ones can be eye watering