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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Disaster from a simple silly mistake.

I have been working hard to finish my bathroom for the last month. Knowing to fit my shower unit to the wall i would have to drill the wall to put in mounting brackets i took photos so i knew where i would have to avoid the water pipes.

All the time there is dust in the air and every time i clean shortly after everywhere is covered again. Now the bathroom is near completion i had hopes  a clean dust free house until today.

Today i installed all the fillings for the pipe works to be connected for the shower, sink and toilet. I started early and as you can see from the first picture i knew how the pipes went even though they where covered in the wall.

 The centre pipes are for the shower unit and the pipes on the left are for the sink.

This bathroom has been a long time coming and i even have underfloor heating so in the winter i don't have to walk on cold tiles.

This picture shows the wall finished and ready for the shower unit to be fitted. The other walls are finished and ready until i drilled a hole in the wrong place and drilled through a water pipe even though i had planned with before pictures to help.

I took this picture while i was cutting away to expose the damaged pipe. When fully exposed a local plumber is coming back to repair the pipe. 

After drilling a hole in this pipe i sat to consider how i was to repair the damage, i was at the lowest point i have been while living in Portugal. I went for a coffee with other Brits before our language class and the offers of help and even somewhere to stay because my water was off made me realise how lucky i was. One friend while we where taking called the plumber to arrange for him to come and repair the pipe for me.

While doing the bathroom i had put on hold on other jobs and the one i was looking forward to  was to finish my TV unit but for now it's going to have to wait a bit longer.

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