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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Coming back from Liverpool with Bronchitis

Most of my adult life i had suffered from a bad chest during most of the year. But after being here for a good while i noticed and so did my Mum that i was no longer suffering with a cough. It was pointed out that where i lived the air was clean and free from pollution.

I have been back now for a month and in that time i have developed a very bad cough. About a week ago i had a very bad night and thought it was time i went to the Doctors. Unlike the UK i needed no appointment you just turn up and see your Doctor  the cost was 4.50€. Within 10 minutes i was called to see Triage nurse, first because he had heard me coughing he came out with a mask i had to wear during my time with the triage nurse and the doctor. It was a small price to pay to be able to go to the Doctors without the need for the appalling appointment system the people in the UK have to endure.

Having a system like in Portugal where you pay to see the doctors makes sure your need to see the doctor  fulfilled and not time wasted.

Imagine the outcry What we have to pay to see the Doctor. Things like I paid my national insurance all my life. Your Mother or Father Daughter or Son may have a genuine need for an appointment and 12 Million appointments missed in a year.

No appointments are missed in Portugal and can you see the reason WHY.

No-show patients waste time of one GP for each surgery every week

Around 12 million appointments are missed each year, costing the NHS £160 million annually, because patients do not keep appointments 

Taken from the Telegraph Feb 6, 2015

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