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Monday, 30 August 2010

The journey continues.

Well recently i became Single again and i am happy to say it feels good. Today was another milestone our family home was sold, Sold done and dusted and money in the bank. Wow

But the journey well that's the story. Having someone in my past who proved very unhelpful was at best annoying at worst XXXX. A divorce is bad at the best of times but to constantly having to demand information and  not get replies. Is enough that i made the agent remove the property from the market twice.

Not wanting to pay blood sucking Solicitors any money i did away with them and as luck had it all  worked out just fine from that point on. Her solicitor was happy to reply to my emails and there where lots of emails for there where questions i needed answers to.

The greatest help was a company on the Wirral who even though i made them remove the property from the market twice where more than helpful. Without them acting at times as a go between maybe the sale would not have gone through today.

Another aprt of the journey to get my dream of my Place in the sun.

Thank you all for letting me get this of my chest and to look forward.

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