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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Well it's now the Question time

Well time is now drawing near and i must concentrate on preparing to make my move to My Place in the Sun Vale Boa in Portugal.

I now have a Transit van and a big trailer to make my move easy as i will be doing the driving from the UK to Vale Boa portugal.

Some important questions or at least to me they are. In the two bedrooms are two beds now the two bed look great but i want new mattresses. The beds in Portugal at one time where a different size than we have in the UK.

At times there are what's called " Spikes " in the electric that causes a surge in power. So to avoid that i need surge protectors for all electrical in the house.

There are so many issues to address before i go. Most of the information i need can find by asking questions on the various Expat Forums i am on.

 Below are three Expat Forums i am on.

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