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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Take care who delivers your parcel.

Much about GLS.  GLS are the Courier company who have a very very bad record for the delivery of parcels here in Portugal.  I have had problems with a  number of parcels delivered by GLS so I don't use Royalmail. Royalmail are the owners of GLS so it's no wonder that service is bad.

I needed a part for my car and the company used a Courier company called DPD. I gave the address details from a business card from the garage who will be doing the job on my car. Guess what they couldn't find the address even though the garage is very big and not a small one man band type place. Not only did they not delivery but they contacted me for address details to confirm the correct location.  Not only did they not deliver after checking the address but they sent the parcel back to the UK company who sent it to me in Portugal.

For my Spices I use UPS and have not had one problem with any delivery to date. Because I have a number of small parcels at my friends in Deal Kent I contacted UPS to deliver to him the part for my car and then he will send everything to me by UPS. Now there is a moral there use Pharosparcels and they will send the parcel via UPS.

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  1. We've sent a letter from UK to Coimbra, royal mail said it takes 3-5 days. Two weeks later no delivery even though it is tracked.
    Decided to send by DHL, arrived in Coimbra the next day.
    Thanks for the heads up on who to use.