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Monday, 11 July 2016

After a difficult week

Last week was a very frustrating week every job I had to do I was waiting for someone else. I was waiting for the last two units to arrive, these units are for my hanging clothes. I couldn't cut out fit the skirting boards till the units where in place. Each skirting board between the four units is having an LED light fitted in it, guess what I am waiting for the light units to be delivered. I can't stain the skirting till Chicco opens after his holiday to get the stain I need. Lastly the electrician is booked now everything is in place this week should see a lot done or so I hope.

Well worth the wait but the wrong colour./

Now i need to make brackets for the hangers to hang on.

The diference between two different makers. It will be easier for me to stain the one on the left than to wait for the guy to restain.

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