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Saturday, 26 July 2014

A word of warning

A word of warning. A number of years ago i viewed a number of properties by a so called agent who advertises on a website that only does advertising by hosting adverts on behalf of owners or agents.

After seeing the last property we started back to where my car was parked some distance away. As we drove suddenly he stopped and said that he had to go and take photos of a property nearby. As we drove i asked if this was another property he had to put on his books. He then explained that no what he does is advertise the property and when he gets enough interest he then make an approach to the owner with an offer to buy.

The agent advertises the property and as much as he thinks he can get knowing he can get it for much less. The reason i mention this again is that i met a couple who after buying from him and some time later meeting the previous owner discovered that they paid 22,000€ over the price the old man who sold it for. The agent made 22,000€ plus all his fees etc. They told me the owner only got 8,000€ for his property. WARNING i was told this in good faith by a couple who foolishly not used a real registered agent and they are bitter to has been ripped of.

I mention this as while i had nothing better to do i found the agents site only to find that he mentions in bold black print that he is not an estate agent but he helps you buy the property of your dreams. His dream is of all the money he has robbed you of you.

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