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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Now the bathroom gets some attention.

At long last i am able to make progress on my bathroom. I found that if i move the door to where the bottom of the stairs are and open it out instead of in i would have more room inside. Also  move the door and wall facing the front door out by 15cm i would gain over 12 cubic ft of extra space.

I have taken the wall and door out and also started to cut out for the new door way into the bathroom. I found that the wall measured 138cm and i can get a new bath that measures 140cm long. The found that the walls are covered in a cement render and if i remove some of the render i can get a bath to fit into my small bathroom. I will also have a shower over the bath.

In the right hand corner will be where my corner sink will go, the window will be made longer by about another 10inch's to the depth and a double glazed unit put in  instead of single glazed units that i have now. As you can see the back wall needs treating and then it will be insulated.

OK the picture below is what you must call Petite but i can get a WC, Sink and a bath complete with shower. Please come back to see how i progress with making a bathroom. I do have a bathroom and shower downstairs but i want to use this one on the same level as the rest of my house.

There will be a wall just above where the bath will be and above that will be a window from wall to wall and from bath to ceiling and double glazed. The frame i will make from my stock of aged Chestnut timber. I have cut all the timber for the window now i need my friend Chicco the timber guy to plane it down for me to make the new frame.

Here i have started to cut the new door opening and it's not an easy job with it being such thick a wall.

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