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Friday, 27 June 2014

I make my own bread

For about 5 years i have been making my own bread using a Panasonic bread maker. Almost every time i have made myself a nice loaf. Recently instead of 25g of Butter i have been putting in 25g of Olive oil often i have used Sultanas until today

Last night i did as i normally did, i put all the ingredients in and switched the machine on and started to wait the 4 hours it takes to bake. After 3 hours i had a look into the machine to see how it was coming on. Shock horror i had forgotten to put the water in when i put all the other ingredients in.

I had to switch of my machine and start all over again but this time i put the water in. It was 9pm and i had hopped that i would have some nice fresh warm bread for my supper but tonight i had none. I then switched the machine on once  again and waited the 4 hours it took to bake what seemed a long 4 hours.

Over time i have found that if i put a tea towel over the bread when it's done for about an hour, this changes the crust to a nice soft crust so it was a along wait before i could go to bed. It was almost 2am early in the morning when i could get to bed after such a stupid mistake. At least i have fresh bread for breakfast.

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