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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Additives from crushed Beetles in my Burgers.

Today I treated myself to some Beefburgers from a local Lidl. Because of a word I saw that looks like something i remember from when i was a butcher about 50 years ago. The word was cochonilha this looked so much like the word Cochineal that i new was a banned colour additive in the UK form 50 years. Cochineal is made from a Beetle, yes a Beetle and i have put a link to Wikipedia for you to read. To say i was shocked was an understatement. I still have 4 burgers left but the dogs next door will get them.

When i started work as a butcher i was told about the days when Mince would have Chochineal in it so it didn't loose it's colour while on display. It was explained to me why we no longer used it and what it was made from.

Now after a search on Google i find that E120 is in fact Cochineal but it's now properly processed to make it an accepted colour agent. It's a pity i was to quick throwing away the burgers i had but i learnt something  about Chochineal.

Percentagem de materia gorda inferior a 20% relacao colageneo proteina inferior a 15%
Ingredients: Carne de bovino (95%) pao ralado ( Farinha de trigo, aqua e levedura ) sal, antioxidates ( citrato trissodico e ascorbato de sodio ) consevantes  ( metabissulfito de sodio ) e corantes ( carmin de cochonilha ) Contem gluten e sulfitos.

Lower percentage of fat to 20% lower relationship collagen protein 15% Ingredients: Beef (95%) breadcrumbs (wheat flour, yeast and aqua) salt, antioxidates (trisodium citrate and sodium ascorbate) consevantes (sodium metabisulfite) and dyes (cochineal carmine) Contains gluten and sulphites.

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