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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Why not become a follower of this Blog

Hi to all those who follow my life here in sunny Portugal.

Please take the time to become a follower just to give me an idea of how many regular readers i have.To those who have taken the time to become a follower i say a big thank you and i hope that i have given you a view of one persons life in this beautiful country.

For being a follower you get no junk e-mails, no extra bits in fact nothing just the pleasure of knowing that you have given me an insight into how many regular followers i have.


  1. Hi Peter look for new posts every day mate ,informative amusing or interesting thanks

    1. Hi Dave how are you keeping? are you back anytime soon?

    2. Yes Peter we return Home at the end of June,and will be here for two months,its seems a long time away,will catch up when we have been back a while
      take care