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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Cherry Vodka again

Well the sun is out and it's going to be a good time for fruits  or i hope. I have a number of Cherry trees and maybe not as good as the big black cherries you get in the shops but still they are OK.

I got a bottle of Vodka from Lidl for 5.49€ in the UK you would pay about £9.99 for the same size bottle. I have done a before and after pictures and the only thing missing is the tooth pick i used. You need a tooth pick to stab the Cherries before you put them in the bottle and fill it up with your Vodka.

The bottle of Cherry Vodka will be left now till about Christmas to give it plenty of time to mature before drinking. The remaining fruit will be used to make a very adult sponge cake.

Empty bottle, bottle of Vodka and a jug of Cherries.

Now the bottle with the Cherries and Vodka mixed for maturing.

Now if its easy for me to do why not have a go yourself Brandy, Gin or maybe white Rum.

The best i made last year was Cherry Remy Martin and the Cherry Vodka was also very good. This year i plan to use white Rum and maybe Gin it just depends what fruits i have to use. Close to my house there is a place where i got over 4 kilo of Blackberries i used to make wine so this year i may make Blackberry white Rum.

Just wait and see.

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