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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Readers from more countries.

Looking at the stats of my Blog i get to see where everybody is viewing from. One regular reader is in the British Virgin Isles until today. Today the reader was in the US Virgin Isles until a short while ago when i noticed another new country to add to my list of countries where i have readers. Antigua & Barbuda and also the US Virgin Isles are the latest to add to the many countries on this planet where i have viewers.

Today 2nd March we have someone from Serbia so now about 80 countries have someone viewing my Blog.

Today 3rd March  yet another country we have someone reading from and this time we have Panama No81.

Today 6th March now Kenya we really are covering the world.

Today 17th March now Georgia from what was part of Russia.

Today  22nd March now CuraƧao  is an  island in the southern Caribbean Sea.

Today 27th April now we have Iraq and Estonia.

Today 28th April now  Ecuador has joined the family of readers of my Blog thank you all well almost all.

Today the 10th September I have a reader from Macedonia (FYROM)

Today 30th April we have a reader from  El Salvador now just how many more countries can find my Blog.

We really do get read worldwide


  1. Hi, you also have a reader, if not regular, coming from Romania but living in Netherlands :)
    Take care,
    Vali Matei

  2. Hi and welcome Vali thanks for taking the time to read my Blog about my life here in Portugal.