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Monday, 2 March 2015

Now for a warm under floor in the bathroom.

The beauty of being single and retired is i can work at my own pace. The surface of the bathroom being concrete meant that it was not a smooth finish. After waiting for the floor to dry i brushed the floor every day for a week and each time i ended up with more dust and bits from the floor. Today i started to cover the floor with foil to stop the heat going down into the floor but instead up into the tiles.

This was after the first of the foil was put down. To locate the foil i put silicon down so that as i worked on the floor the foil would not move. To make sure that i had done a good job i then put another layer of foil and again silicon to hold it all in place.

Now the under floor system is down and plugged in to test and it worked first time. Now time to tile but that's for another day

This is not the first time i have used this system.  I first did a bathroom in my home in New Brighton across the river from Liverpool. Then when we built a conservatory again i used the same system because it just works.There are two systems one with a digital timer and the other with just a switch. I used the simple switch tha as i came out of my bedroom i would switch it on and by the time i was ready to get a shower the floor was nice and warm.

When i moved to a house in Liverpool this time we built a new bathroom so we could use the existing bathroom as a bedroom turning a two bed house into a three bedroom house.  The bathroom and kitchen both had underfloor heating fitted and again it just worked each and very time.

When it cam to doing this bathroom in my new home it was obvious to use the same system i had used many times before. This system comes from Wicks in the UK and it's a 300 model meaning it used 300w of power per hour. This means you can have it on for well over 3 hours for only one unit of electric  so the cost to run is very reasonable.

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