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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

More shelves and how to do it

When i started to build my kitchen i planned to keep everything simple. I would never need extra sockets because i fitted 11 double sockets.

I would have no worry of someone drilling into the walls to fit something and hit a water pipe or electric cable. All cable comes up from the cellar below and so does the water pipes, so no danger from someone drilling into something in the wall.

This is a shelf unit i built and finished a while ago. I did it all with shelf brackets on show. The pictures below show just how it was done.

The important thing doing shelving this was is the marking out before you start drilling. I had put in the wall socket a long time ago before i decided to put more shelves up.

The rear of the shelf has to be drilled so it can be mounted on the bracket. It is critical that the hole for the bracket is drilled accurately so that the shelf looks straight and square. The bracket can be seen below the socket.

I hope this picture shows just how it as all done.

Finished and all my bits that had been around the worktop now have a place. This is not something you can just go to B&Q or Ikea this has come about from me wanting something unique. I had plenty of a beautiful  Chestnut hardwood and a dream of something different and here it is my kitchen shelves done.

So if you can dream it believe me you can do it, just believe.

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