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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A very taxing problem

While i was in Liverpool for Christmas a letter arrived for me at home from the Inland Revenue asking for money. The sum involved i must say was very worrying but all it took was a visit to them when i arrived back last week. Sitting with the tax lady i must admit that i was a little worried until the larger figures where found to be tax i had paid but something the accountant should have done meant that the tax was not allocated to my account. Silly mistake by someone you pay to do his job.

The date he put down for me leaving my business was also wrong but that was soon sorted out. When everything was done the tax lady had a look on her face that had me worried until she smiled. I have good news she said we owe you over £900 and i should receive a letter confirming her finding and i should get a cheque with the letter.


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