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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Reinstalling the logburner chimney pipes

It may not be getting to cold yet but my attention must go to finishing the log burner. I am rerouting the chimney pipe out of the wall in the bedroom because when it was up through the roof it leaked. The guy who fitted the original chimney came back but it still leaked so with making a bedroom in the loft i decided to have the chimney out through the gable end wall.

The problem is that as the floor has been raised even though it was only by a little bit it made fitting the pipes with the bend in them impossible to refit without having a fire risk. The picture below shows the option i have decided on and this gives me more surface area for the heat from the pipe to help heat the room.

The chimney pipes going from the log burner up to the bedroom above are now made from stainless steel. The original pipes where just in mild steel and due to the rainwater leak the had rusted badly and where a hazard from leaks in fumes.

 To move the bend in the pipework would have created to many problems so i will just have to live with it as it is. The black pipe will be cleaned to be the same as the rest of the pipework.

I can then look to put up the last sheet of plasterboard and get this job finished.

Nice shiny chimney but it will soon show signs of the heat that goes up and out after giving me a nice warm living room.

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