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Thursday, 9 September 2010

New Blog site picture

I have changed the picture of my house at the start of this Blog site. I have a lady who comes into my shop who i have over a period of time got to know quite well. This lady despite having two hip replacement operations is always happy and cheerful. I mentioned a number of times that i was moving to Portugal to retire and during one of these conversations i offered to let the lady see some pictures of my Cottage. This i did by putting the pictures onto a CD and the next time i saw the lady i gave her the CD. Some time later i received the Cd back and i was surprised to hear that the lady was going to do a water colour painting of the house for me.  The day came when she came into the shop with the painting. I am not normally one to have nothing to say but i was lost for words. Nothing could have prepared me for how beautiful the picture is. I will find a frame fitting for the picture for when i get to make my move to my place in the sun. My son suggested that when i get to Vale Boa to put the picture up and take a photograph of the picture in pride of place in the lounge and send a copy to the artist. I think that would be a fitting tribute to someone who has shown such a kindness to me and my new life.

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