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Friday, 19 September 2014

Another company who give great service

This time last year i put my car in for it's yearly MOT but sadly it failed due to a faulty Catalytic converter and my exhaust emissions where to high. I contacted the supplier i had used last year  and they where happy for me to send the unit back. I did ask could i buy a new one and they credit me after i returned the old one. I expected then to just say yes but first we need it back and then send it for testing, but no i would have to produce the original invoice etc.

It's not what i expected i expected that i would just buy a new one and send the old unit back but listening to them i didn't feel comfortable. It's here i decided to find another supplier and i did find one who i did feel happy with.

First when i called a machine said thanks for calling and we hope to have someone to answer within 45 seconds and they did and fast. I explained that i was in Portugal and i would like to use my own Courier. Let me explain why after many deliveries from UPS i have got to know the driver and even though they don't delivery out in the country as often as in the towns and cities when he sees my address he just gets it to me because it's a quick drop off for him. I was told that Gary would call to confirm that i could in fact use my Courier.

Being on a pension like many other i watch the  exchange rates to change my money for the best rate. That's all well and good but suddenly when you need money in UK £'s it's a problem but not for . I mentioned about having t e my money transfered to UK £'s and they made it easy by giving me transfer details so i could make payemnt as and when i was ready.

I had e-mailed four times over the two days i waited for my Euros to change to £'s and my e-mails where replied to within as little as three minutes now that's what i call service. Its' a pity the previous company could not be as good as this one. The girls who answered the phone knowing i was calling from Portugal couldn't have been more helpful. So Gary thanks to you and your excellent staff.   


  1. That was quite a bummer. Those breakdowns can be a real complication, since they can leave some pretty lingering effects on the internal workings of your car. I hope that whole thing gets settled real soon. All the best!

    Rhonda Burgess @ Bob Dunn Hyundai