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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Sunday was market day at Miranda do Corvo

I have posted before about the amount of countries where I have had people reading my story.   On Sunday someone who has been reading my Blog came over to say hello while I was at the market. He had his wife and two young daughters with him. They may not know it but after four years here I know the wonderful life they have ahead of them, I must say they all did look so happy. I know of four children of a similar age who are in the local school system and how they all get on so well. It may be tough to begin with and a tear or two will be shed but they will get on so well. For then there story begins and I wish them all the very best in their new life.


  1. Hi Peter, it was lovely to meet you and your young lady that you have been talking about. Keep up the blogging it is very informative and interesting to see your views on life in Portugal. All the best and I am sure we will see you around in the near future, from the Sunday market family of four ;-)

  2. Hi Jason. It was so nice to meet yourself and your family, I am sure that you all will have a great life. Give my best to all and we shall meet again.