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Monday, 30 January 2017

Bad news is never welcome

Today i received an email from my best mates eldest son to let me know his Dad was ill and his chances of recovery where slim.

My mate Dave and i  saw each other often and it was because of him i am here in Portugal now. It all started after he came home from Portugal where he had been a Rep for the Camping and Caravan club at a site they have. Dave came home looking better than he had for years and i wanted some of  that, i wanted to feel and look that good so the search was on for me to have a holiday home but later changed to a home to retire to.

The search started for me in September 2007 when i joined an Expats forum called Expatsportugal where i am  still an active member to this day.  Most of the research i did was on this site and i eventually made my move. Over the years I would see Dave and Margaret on my trips over and if Dave knew i was coming over he often picked me up from the airport.

We would often pull each others leg because as he is older than me he was the old old man i was just old. Well Dave my prayers are with you and do please get better but if not i pray there is no pain.

I heard tonight that Dave had heart failure but Margaret kept him alive till the paramedics arrive and got him to hospital. After nearly two weeks it was decided to turn off the machines keeping him alive but he didn't pass away he is still here. Good on you Dave don't give up not yet. Dave signed up to be a transplant donor that's typical of Dave wanting to help others even his heart can still help with valves etc.

I told his wife Margaret I won't come over I would rather cherish the memories of him and the time we had than see him in a hospital bed.

The last time I saw him on parting he gave me grief for loosing the girl of my dreams, not often he was serious about anything.

God bless Dave.

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