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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Today was a very Memorable day

I had an appointment today to meet a close friend I had not seen for a while. I was going to see Christine my friend Chicco's daughter at Chicco's old workshop. Christine has been advertising timber and furniture on Facebook and I was after Chestnut timber. To get a better finish when I am varnishing wood I was advised to get something called Tapo Poros it stops the grain in the wood from lifting when you apply varnish. Chrisine went of to find the Tapo Poros but when Chrisine came back her father Chicco came with her and as usual Chicco had a big smile on his face when he saw me.

Helping Chicco and Christine get rid of lots of timber and furniture was Chicco's brother. I was lucky that he found some Chestnut for me in the lengths and sizes I need. I have been following a wood craftsman on YouTube and he often uses Walnut wood. Walking round I saw some walnut and I know of something I can use it for.

I know that a machine that had been used to do some moulding for me was still setup for just what I need to top of my windows. Chicco's brother when he saw one I took to show him said how many do I want as simple as that and hopefully within a few days I should have the mouldings for my window tops.

I had friends with me and they found a tree trunk to make a set of Spiral stair case. They also found an Oak table for there kitchen. A good day had by all.

As Chicco came down to see me Christine was looking at the time on her phone. While we where talking Christine mentioned that it was 12 months ago that her father had his accident but also to the minute. 

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