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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Aircon done finished and working

It's taken a while to do a simple job but life at the moment has been a little busy till today. I got up early to finished the fitting of my new aircon unit. I went to get some plastic channel to go over the pipes that run down the wall but i couldn't get the same profile as i used on the other unit. I will have to wait till i get back from the UK when i will fit the same profile to both sets of aircon pipes.

Inside unit in fitted and working.

Just the outside cover to fit but that is the last job after it's been run for the first time.


  1. Looks good, Peter! I like how little space these mini-split air conditioners take up compared to the windows units. Appears that you have plenty of space around the outdoor unit, which is good. I've been told it's more efficient to have them at the same height, or to have the outdoor one mounted up higher than the indoor one.

    Dennis Cannon @ Laird And Son

    1. Hi Dennis

      I just followed the fitting instructions. The only time you see the outside unit high up a wall is to avoid something happening to it.


  2. The install is looking good. There is nothing worse than having your air conditioning units break down in the middle of the summer or winter. I have experienced both and it's nice to be able to repair or install your own units in case of emergency. Unfortunately for myself I had to have someone come fix my units when they stopped working.