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Friday, 26 August 2016

Iberianspices now stock Organic spices

As the title says IberianSpices now stocks a range of Organic spices. Not only are they Organic but the prices are almost the same as the none organic stock. For example Cracked black pepper is cheaper than previous none organic stock.Turmeric is 10c more expensive.

Because something is sold as Organic doesn't have to be sold at a silly price because of the word Organic. I am having a banner made for me to collect when i go to the UK next week.

Organic Spices Normal Prices Someone who sells at Barril de Alva but sells for twice the price that i do for half the quantity. Rip off

Click the link on the left For Iberianspices or Google Iberianspices to see a list of all the Spices i sell. There are a number of new Spices on order and some have already arrived.

Himalayan Pink salt
Hungarian Paprika asta 80
Arrowroot powder
Fajita seasoning
Fennel powder
Celery seed
Celery salt
Paprika Organic

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