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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Carglass great service.

All to often good service goes without mention well today I got service that deserves a mention and it's a company in Coimbra called Carglass.

First lets go back a bit I am insured through my bank for my car insurance. Not knowing what to do, who to call I went into my bank and met an assistant who spoke good English as my Portuguese is rubbish. He not only dealt with the insurance claim but also found a company for the replacement but also provided all the details on how to get there and who to see. That's serivice for you.

I duly arrived at the agreed time and a technician was waiting for me. After signing a form he started the replacement and an hour later the job was done and not a sign the car had been touched by anybody. He drove the car out and came back with the keys to tell me to wait 20 minutes for the sealer to take effect.

OK it's his job but it's a pity you can't record how good a job he did well it's here on my Blog. So if you have a glass problem the service is 100 per cent.

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