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Friday, 24 February 2017

Times come for the ceiling

Today was the day that the ceiling got it's plasterboard put up. My friend Robin came round to give me a hand but instead took over the job and i ended up just the labourer. Robin has done this before and being younger, fitter makes the job simple. I would have put up my scaffolding tower and when i got the plasterboard lifted on to the top of the tower it's not to difficult but Robin had other ideas.

I must say i would have taken so much longer without the valuable help i had. This is the end of the day lights and ceiling fan all wired in and waiting for the fittings and fan. But i will wait till the walls and ceiling are painted first.

To work at night i have a temporary Light setup just where the ceiling fan will go.
There is a gap of 5cm on each side of the room as the plasterboard was 2.5 metres long and the room las 2.6 metres wide. I am putting up coving all round so the 5cm gap each side will be hidden.

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  1. It looks as if your ceiling project is coming along quite nicely. It was great that Robin was able to help you with the work, even if you became the laborer on the job site. With any luck at all, Robin will be available to help with other projects. Two heads are usually better than one, after all. I hope all goes well.

    Neville @ Electrical Experts