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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Now the floor

I am still waiting for the promised help to lift the plasterboard to the ceiling. Instead of wasting valuable time i have started on the floor. A touch of bad luck is my edge sander has decided to play dead and refuses to work so it maybe time for a new edge sander.

This is a result of a good afternoons work but it's hard on my knees but it needed to be done at sometime so today was as good as any to get started on the floor

I will varnish an area to see if i need any stain to give the best result.

It's unfortunate that the floor boards are not perfectly flat so it makes sanding a longer job. The kind of floor sander you can hire in the UK would be no good here because the floor has high spots and low spots. A little hard work done now will make the floor look great when it's all done.

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