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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Floor almost ffinished

It's been a long day today, it started with finishing sanding the floor first, then i wired in all of the sockets. Chestnut with a Pine floor will look a bit odd so i am getting a pack of flooring timber from Leyroy Merlin and use that for the skirting.

That Karcher hoover is the best bit of kit i treated myself to it works perfect so good i got one for my daughter when her Dyson died.
As my Mouse sander has passed away i now have to use my red orbital sander for the edges.


  1. The pine flooring is looking really nice! Will you put a finish on it or some type of sealant to protect the wood once your done sanding? Does pine need anything to protect it? I have been learning about wood varieties over the past couple years, but am still learning how to know how to care for each specific type.

  2. Hi

    After the floor was sanded I then used a varnish recommended by a carpenter friend. After the first coat I then did a light sanding and put another coat of varnish. Now it's all finished till I do the next room.