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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

I saw my friend Chicco today

I have had to wait so long for timber to finish the doorway I have created in my lounge. After promises I decided to write to Chicco's daughter who speaks quite good English to ask for the names of where I could find a place to get some Castanha.

I was invited round to see Chicco as he had some Castanha or Chestnut to you and me. When I arrived I was invited to come in to see Chicco who was resting in a chair by his veranda and I was welcomed very warmly.

Chicco his daughter Christina and myself went down into the workshop, now this workshop in its better days employed about 12 craftsmen so it is a very big workshop. The look on Chicco's face once he was down stairs in his workshop  was worth going to see him.

We were seen by some of his neighbours who Christina decided to open the door to let them come in to see him. I met the lady who found him after his fall and the lady who called for help and another neighbour. The language may be different but it was plain to see everybody was so pleased to see him. As they left Chicco's brother arrived and he speaks a little English from his time working in Rhodesia at the time it became Zimbabwe.

While looking round Chicco pointed to a huge pile a wood all neatly stacked and it seems it's what I am looking for Chestnut and after talking with Christina I may end up with the Chestnut I need.

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