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Monday, 28 May 2018

Polluted UK

I had been reading on the BBC news website about the Pollution in UK cities. Knowing how interested i am to clean air as where i live is pollution free. I was driving to the Maternity hospital where my daughter had just had her second child a beautiful baby girl. On my way to the hospital looking ahead in the direction i was driving the sky was blue and cloud free. So i took a picture because the blue sky was nothing like i see at home in Portugal.

I took this picture the day i returned home and as you can see the picture is looking through my veranda.

The difference in colour can only be down to the pollution in the air. The report on the BBC news put London as the worst place in the UK. Liverpool came about halfway in the list of polluted cities. How glad i am that i live and breath clean air everyday apart from when i go to Liverpool to visit family.

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