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Saturday, 28 November 2015

I feel robbed but walked away

A little while ago I went to a shop just outside of Coimbra to buy a printer I had already picked the one I wanted before I left home. The model I wanted was in stock also there was one of the same model wrapped in plastic film but it had been reduced. I asked an assistant if there was anything wrong and I was told the box had been damaged but the printer was ok. As it was reduced and it was what I wanted it was worth the saving. 

After I got home I set the printer up as I had a lot of labels to print as I had a Spice delivery due. Shock the printer wouldn't work, upon investigation  I found it had not print cartridges so it was a long drive back to the shop to get the cartridges or my money back. I was told by an assistant the when an item is reduced like the printer they remove the print cartridges but they couldn't find them for me so I got my money back. 

That would put anybody of shopping in the same shop again but I wanted a Tumble drier and after looking at a few stores I came upon the same one as the printer story. 

I found just what I wanted and it was like many things on offer reduced by 20% and this made the price the same as I could get when I drive back to the UK. I decided to but the drier and found an assistant who could speak English. I asked to confirm the discount was correct the assistant confirmed the offer price but he then went on to say that what they do is give you a voucher for the 20% that you can then spend in the next month. I tried to argue that all I want is the discount but no voucher as I live a long way away and I don't want or need anything else. 

The thing that was wrong was you pay full price and they let you have a voucher to use not just the same day but the next month. That means that you have loaned them your money till you want to buy something else. What kind of daft idea is that so guess what I WALKED away. Maybe I will wait till I drive back to see my Lady for Christmas.

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