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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Steps, Foundations and more done.

I started last week to put in the footing for my veranda but i didn't stop there. I have also created by the cellar door a place where my gas bottle will go for cooking and the showing downstairs and that's on the left of the door. I also made a couple of stairs to make the job tidy when going downstairs. Finally i with my son's help cleared the ground in front of the door and covered it in stone chipping, now to me that's a result that i am proud of.

I won't win any awards for design or anything else but when the veranda is built above it will all fall into place.

While i was out getting timber i saw three Telegraph poles at the side of the road in a little village. It may be worth trying to find who owns them as they would make all the framework of my veranda. But for now i am happy with what i have done this week.

When it stops raining i will be able to clear the tools and blocks i left that you can see in the picture but who cares.

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