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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Spare a thought for others.

I wrote about my wanting to contact my daughter Sarah from my first wife. I sent two letters that day and i know one has arrived so i presume that so has the one over Sarah.

It also brings to mind this is not an uncommon problem when a marriage breaks down.

Some of the people who take the time to read my Blog should consider that others in a similar situation that i find myself in are lonely even with new families, new homes, a new life but something is missing. In my case her name is Sarah. But what about the others, tonight i will be sparing a few moments before i go to sleep and think about those like Sarah and I who are apart. I am not a religious person but who knows what may happen.

I am blessed with a good life, good home " well getting there and a good family. Only one thing is needed. So please consider a few moments for others.

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