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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Veranda foundations started.

Another good day's work done. Yesterday i started to get the foundations ready for the veranda i plan to build and in the near future. Gary and his sister Cathy are due over in May and Gary has a couple of acres of land with plenty of trees. Gary has said that i can have a couple of trees that i will use to form the main uprights for the veranda and also the main beams to go across the front and sides to form the veranda base. Between the two bases will be steps going down to the cellar. The next job will be to make the steps while it is nice outside in the sun.

In this picture you can see the locating steel rod and also the brick that will form an upright to sit behind the timber upright. 

This corner is under where the veranda will be and it covers a lot of builder rubbish from when the roof was repaired. This is where the gas bottles will be kept and it makes this spot nice and tidy.

This picture may not look like it is below ground level but it is and it has a piece of steel in it to locate the main veranda upright.

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