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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Chickens eat my oinions

This week has again been a good week again. I have my eldest son staying with me and it's been a long time since we had quality time together. But it takes someone staying that makes you realise that things have been neglected as  have been enjoying my new relaxed life. I have put up five shelves in the area i use for my kitchen only to find that it was an easy job to do and didn't take much time why did it take having a visitor to get something done. The hard part was getting the wood, the person there only worked there and he speaks a little English and said i would have to come back when the boss was in. I then went to another wood merchant only to find that he was closed. This went on for 3 days when i finally got the wood i wanted. The jobs now done and it means i have all my Herbs and Spices on show on there own shelve. I even have a shelve to stand my plates up on real posh.

For so long jobs i could have done where not done because life was so easy and whatever it was that needed doing cold always wait till tomorrow. 

This week i have been letting the chickens out to roam wherever they wanted. That was OK till they came of the land and came down the lane and started to scratch about in one of my raised beds that i had onions growing in it. But this week i have been getting an egg a day so i can't be to angry.

I now have three trailer loads of fresh horse manure for my raised beds that i made last year and it has taken me till now till i got my manure.

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