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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Genuine free ranging chickens all the space they want.

With the amount of rain over the last few months the chickens have been living in what was more like a mud bath. To help i started to let them out to roam the land around there chicken run.Over the last week i have with the help of my son built a much large estate for them. They must now have about 30 square meters of free space, the only downside is that apart from the doors into the coop there is no way to keep anything out only the doors so each night they have to be securely locked in.

There new chicken run is only a meter high and as they have had there wings clipped they can't get over. As it gets dull before dark they go inside to spend the night and maybe lay an egg. They now have no outer cage to protect them so before i could go over any time of the night to lock the door now as soon as it's dark they have to be locked in.

The down side of letting them roam free before they got there new home they got to my onions, robbing little B*****ds. Now they are kept in each and every day and what's left of my onions are safe.

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