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Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Chickens and Ronnie Briggs.

Ronnie Briggs the Great Train Robber was good at escaping and so are my Chickens again!!. Again today even though i have placed a barrier across the entrance to the land they got away. They went straight for my onions again, maybe a big rope around one of there legs would keep them on the land. What they forget is they have an area of probably up to an acre but no they want my onion.

Well i finally started to put an end to there escape bids. Today with my son we started to put in the uprights for the new chicken enclosure. So they can't get out ofter this they will also have there wings clipped and if they get out after that then it's into the curry.

We had to put the poles in as deep as we could and to make a hole i used what's called a wrecking bar a huge steel bar. I was lucky i had two wrecking bars until today while my son was hitting a bar to make a deep hole the bar snapped in two. Well we just had to carry on with my big bar but " yes a but " i borrowed a sledge hammer so we could get the poles in good and deep. The handle on the sledge hammer broke and we ended up with a hammer head and a shaft. So of we go to Arkwrights i will explain about Arkwrights another time. We got a new hammer shaft but also a new sledge hammer but no any old sledge hammer but the grad daddy of sledge hammers. This one is the biggest sledge hammer i have seen, with this we soon got all the poles set into the ground and job done.

My mate from up the lane had a load of planks that were going to be burnt but after i said i had a job for some he said take what you like. Three planks together formed a door but not any old door this was so heavy i couldn't lift it. My wheel barrow made short work of moving the door but if you know what the Portuguese square nails are like you will know how hard it is to remove them. I used an cutting tool with a twelve inch cutting disc. After  nails are knocked in they where then bent over flat nice tidy job but a bugger to remove. Nothing is made to be easy anyway once done i started to split the planks down into strips 2inchs wide so i could build the new chicken enclosure.

That's enough for now back tomorrow with photos etc.

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