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Friday, 21 April 2017

Disappointing day not needed

Today was a very disappointing day. Since i moved into my house and found out that the Cherry tree on my land next to the font only had tiny Cherries i had a plan. Because one of the branches that i had cut of due to damage and it was eaten away from the inside i wanted the trunk.

On the land that the Cherry tree was growing there was a chance to plant somethings i wanted that would suit me better. For a start Walnut trees i have one in a big pot and it's doing very well. I decided to cut the Cherry tree down today and take the trunk to Chicco to have made into planks. Well that was the plan but not all plans work out the way you expect them to.

As the picture shows the tree trunk is eaten away from the inside or rather it's just grown that way.

Here is the trunk all cut up and of no use to me apart from firewood.
A sad end to a dream of what i may have been able to do with it.

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