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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Door done

I have already mentioned that i have finished the window frame after insulating the walls in my spare bedroom.

Now it's the door. I had help from Robin when i built a stud wall to take the new door. The door now slides into the new wall.  This meant that i had to make a new door frame so the pictures below so a little of what i had to do.

 This is two pieces of wood i had to make into one side of the door frame. This fitted over the excisting door frame and the door slides into the wall.

Now this is made up of three pieces to for the new door frame. Built over the old door frame that is hidden behind this new frame.

Here is my pride and joy the door and frame finished. I was lucky that Chicco had some darker Chestnut to make the corner feature and it really stands out.

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