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Monday, 10 April 2017


I was taken to a timber yard a few days ago but i timber yard like none i have seen before. A timber yard in Liverpool where i used to go had a huge sign saying timber over 20ft was to order. The cost was at a premium for some reason i don't know.

This warehouse is well of the beaton track between a place not mush bigger than a village and a small town. 13m or 40ft in stock.
I asked the owner do they charge a premium for such long pieces of timber and he said if he did builder would just go to another timber yard.

The timber you see wrapped comes from Lithuania. They also stock as a stock item that you don't need to order is Mahogany, i never saw this in Liverpool it had to be ordered.


Here we can see is the board store. these are 2.7m X 1.85m much bigger that UK standard board sizes. What seemed unusual is that the supplier is licensed to deliver the oversize timbers.

So if you are going to move to sunny Portugal don't worry there supply chain is some respects is much better.

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