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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Double glazed aluminium window. Bargain

It's strange thing but a window on the side of a house where the ground is not owned by the house has to have bars in the window so that the house owner can't get access to the land outside. Strange rule but there it is.

I spoke to a lawyer this week and asked his opinion as to having a window in a wall that could not be opened. The answer he gave me was that so the window couldn't open it would be ok. In my kitchen i have no window in one wall and if i did i would have a view of the valley. Now i know i can have a window to enjoy the view i went for a price for the window with double glazing to a local firm.

I went with a size of 100cm X 75cm aluminium frame and fitted including tax 79.45€.  I had expected a price if about 150€ so i was very happy with the price i was offered. I am now waiting on a couple of local builders for a price to cut a hole in the wall.


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