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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Let down by a parcel carrier

I have been waiting for UPS and MRW to deliver three parcels. I waited in all day yesterday and nothing came, i waited in all day today and at 5.15pm i decided to use the tracking on the MRW site. The parcel had left there depot at 8.47am this morning and was marked on site for deliver today. I waited all day and when i checked it said it had been delivered at 16.46pm. It said it was received by " Unknown Person ". What that means the driver couldn't be bothered to deliver and by marking delivered he could finish for the day and redeliver another day. When i phoned to ask what was going on i was told it would be delivered tomorrow Wednesday, that's another day kept in.

It wouldn't be so bad but the things i want to do mean i have to go out to get the things i need to carry on with the work i am doing.

UPS has two parcels for me and at least i know they will be here on Wednesday.

Well at least UPS delivered today but i a still one parcel short. MRW being the other carrier and they are now very late but at least they called today to say the driver will arrive tomorrow. 

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