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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Chicco did a fine job cutting my timber.

When i moved into my house there where three wooden boxes similar to coffins but used for storage. I set about taking these apart but with the first one i did more damage than i was happy with i was to heavy with the hammer. I ended up with a lot of timber planks from the three boxes and after sanding one plank i knew just how good timber was. It turns out to be Chestnut and due to it's age it's not going to twist or distort as it's well seasoned now so it will be perfect for the job i want it to do.

The timber you see will be cut down to go around the windows and the doors. Also i will have the doors for the kitchen units from the same Chestnut. Like my kitchen ridge beam i will oil the timber first before it's used. I will first find out what i should use to treat the timber but i hope that Allan says to use Linseed oil as it's what i favour . Allan being a carpenter all his working life knows better than i do about getting the best from timber.

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