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Friday, 4 October 2013

When you need a car part ask a Manc

I went last week to get a new MOT for my car at the local MOT station. Here in Portugal it's called an IPO certificate. My car failed because it needed a new ABS sensor but Vauxhall Incorporated it into a wheel bearing. So i needed a new wheel bearing for the drivers side of the car.

I went to a local garage where the owner speaks English and he said to come back the next day and he would get me a price for the part. Next day i arrived to find out what it was going to cost to get the car repaired. I was told 169€ wow that's a bit much as i had already found that on Ebay i could get the same part for £41.95. Now that's a bit of a saving and it's like when i needed a rear back box for my exhaust were the top price was 245€ or a copy part from Spain for 150€. I got one from a shop i use in Liverpool for £44.67. Why the difference  i don't know but the exhaust came back with me on the plane after i had been back to Liverpool.

I found a firm Manchester  now i know that people from Liverpool and the same for Manchester have a rivalry some would say a hatred of each other but that's only the football fans.

The firm i found was Andy's auto parts and they had what i wanted and they sent an e-mail with a link to pay via Paypal. That's were i had the start of problems in no part the fault of Andy's auto parts.

My card first had to be changed for the one i had registered on Paypal and when done i tried to pay but i wanted to have the part sent to an address in Portugal. My card is registered to an address in Liverpool.

Andy's again came to the rescue and told me you can get the address changed and that was the next problem. I could have a gift address but i couldn't change the address to Portugal. I decided to try and buy via Andy's shop on Ebay but this also had it's problems i couldn't add the delivery charge as on Ebay Andy's delivery was free.

The guys at Andy's really did all they could to help me and the final thing to try was via a bank transfer. Again Andy's guys came to the rescue and it didn't take long and payment was made and delivery is on it's way.

Would i use them again that's a BIG yes not only that but i would recommend them to anybody who needs car parts.

Thanks Guys

0044 1616286199

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