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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Back and settling back into life in the Sun

It's only a couple of days and i am back and waiting for my first market. The highlight of the trip was seeing someone special apart from my Mum. We enjoyed some nice nights out together and i look forward to a trip over soon to see her again.

I got to see my Mum a lot and even cut her grass, i can't even remember the last time i cut grass. Of course i got to see my grandaughter always a highlight of any trip back.

Two thousand kilometers is a long drive but this time i had someone who wanted a lift back to the UK so it was nice to have company.

I have a new Spice supplier who also sells Organic Spices, i have found they have 12 Spices that i can but and sell for the same price as i did with normal spices. After speaking to both my suppliers they both tell me that over 90% of my Spices are in fact Organic. The difference being that most growers can't afford the fees to register as Organic. For four years the growers have to hae there land surveyed and certified as organic. After four years they can claim to be Organic but the cost is the prolem so they just sell there Spiees 

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